14k GOLD FILLED                    


Care Instructions

Gold filled jewelry can be worn in the shower but it is not recommended to wear in a pool/hot tub with harsh liquid chemicals.

Gold filled jewelry is similar to solid gold and can get scratched and dirty with normal wear.

What is "Gold Filled" vs "Gold Plated"?

Gold filled is an actual layer of real gold that has been bonded to another metal with high heat and pressure.

It is 100% stronger than "plated" jewelry (plated jewelry is usually just dipped in a thin layer of gold).

Because of the high heat and pressure bonding in gold filled jewelry, the gold will not rub off or turn colors like plated jewelry.

Why buy Gold Filled?
Gold filled jewelry, when properly taken care of can last for over 10 years. Gold filled jewelry is more valuable than gold plated jewelry but it is more affordable than solid gold jewelry so you basically get the look and feel of solid gold without the hefty price tag.

How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry
Clean gently with mild soapy water. A very soft toothbrush can be used to gently scrub chains.

Be sure to fully dry the piece(s) and store them properly in a jewelry pouch or ziplock baggie away from direct sunlight.

To remove any light scratches polish gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.

                    STERLING SILVER                    


Care Instructions
Sterling silver can be worn in the shower and we encourage you to wear your silver daily!

How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish (turn dark) with air exposure but you can always

remove the tarnish with a silver cleaning dip or polishing cloth made for sterling silver.

TIP: Simply wearing your sterling silver jewelry will prevent it from tarnishing because your body's natural oils will cleanse the jewelry.

To prevent silver from tarnishing too quickly, store it in an airtight ziplock baggie away from direct sunlight.

               GOLD & SILVER PLATED               

We always use high quality gold filled & sterling silver chains &  clasps here at Amoorella Jewelry
but some of our charms are gold/rose plated or silver plated. All products have the materials listed under the item details of each design.

Plated jewelry is not meant to last forever and the plating will eventually wear off.
Follow the care instructions below to make your piece(s) last longer.

Care Instructions
Avoid contact with water, sweat, perfume and lotion.
Keep away from hard surfaces to prevent any scratching.
After wearing, wipe gently with a soft cloth to remove any dirt and skin oils.
Store in an airtight ziplock baggie away from direct sunlight.
It is not recommended to use any jewelry polishing cloths on plated jewelry as they will rub off the plating.

Vermeil pendants have a base of .925 Sterling Silver with either Gold or Rose Gold plating on top.







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