Dainty & Delicate + Personalized, Meaningful Jewelry

Handmade in 14k Gold Filled & Sterling Silver

Sophisticated with a little bit of edge.

Simple and delicate but fierce and confident.

Classy by day... mysterious bohemian wanderer by night.

Handmade with love by April Moore

Every and every piece is handmade by me with the occasional help of my husband.

We are a small business based in North Atlanta, GA.

I love creating meaningful pieces for all ages and I want my jewelry to

empower woman and make them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. ♥



The Storybook Collection


Our life stories are filled with memories created with the people, places and things collected along the journey of life.

I wanted to create interchangeable chains & personalized pendants for every memory, person, place or thing that matters.

Wear your story close to your heart and collect a pendant for every chapter in life.

Custom orders are welcome!

Personalized jewelry that goes beyond the imagination...

All of my designs are customizable so if you don't see something that you had in mind please don't hesitate to contact me!