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Inspired by Life Love Magic Wonder Imagination

Dainty & Delicate + Personalized, Meaningful Jewelry

Handmade jewelry in 14k Gold Filled & Sterling Silver

Allow yourself to be enchanted...

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Handmade with love by April Moore

Each and every piece is handmade by (just!) me.

Keep sentimental pieces close to your heart with my collection of

personalized, bookish, magical, dainty & delicately layered jewelry. ♥

It all started when...

It all started when my husband was in the Military several years ago. As a young, new Navy wife I still didn't know what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do so while my husband was out to sea I started turning to crafts to keep myself busy. I started out making simple clay earrings and my shop has grown into the wonderful business you see here today. I still make the very first style of clay earrings (now a best-seller) that I did when I first started making jewelry. My newest collections feature timeless, personalized engraved jewelry in all shapes, sizes and designs so that you can wear the things that matter most close to your heart.

I put so much love into my work and I hope that you'll love wearing (or gifting) the jewelry as much as I love creating each and every piece. I believe that Inspiration is everywhere and the possibilities are absolutely endless. ❤


The Storybook Collection

(SLIDE ON style pendants + charms)


The Ever-Charming Collection

(CLIP ON style pendants + charms)


Our life stories are filled with memories created with the people, places and things collected along the journey of life.

My collections embrace your ever-changing story with a variety of chains, personalized pendants + charms for every memory, person, place or thing that matters.

Wear your story close to your heart and collect a pendant for every page & chapter in your story.

The Enchanted Collection


The Enchanted Collection embraces my everlasting love for all things bookish and magical.
Here you'll find stories of Fantasy + Romance + Wizards & Witches + Magical Places & Creatures + Enchanted Princesses 
and more!

Custom orders are welcome!

Personalized jewelry that goes beyond the imagination...

All of my designs are fully customizable so if you don't see something that you had in mind please don't hesitate to contact me!

Follow me on my journey and say hi!

I love connecting with you all and hearing your stories. :)





xoxo April

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